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Understanding Muskies' Fall Movements

Most of my fishing friends are content knowing that September through November are big fish months on our waters. Time in the boat has revealed this truth to them.

But if you know me, you know that I’m not content just taking that at face value. I have to know why. What triggers the biggest muskies and pike to mysteriously show up on structures that were virtually barren in July and August?

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Muskies are Fast Learners

Rare is the occasion for the musky chaser to find virgin concentrations of fish like I managed to find early this past season. It was an education for both the fish and I as my clients could do no wrong during the first day on the spot.

These are the days when you shoot video for your lure sponsors and capitalize on the kamikaze nature of these untouched muskies.

Virgin fish can be absolutely crazed marauders! Sometimes these concentrations of fish…

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Are Musky Chasers Really Crazy?

It’s the latter part of November and we’re out on the main basin of Lake Nipissing, bobbing around in 3 foot waves and snow flurries. We couldn’t see a hundred yards outside the periphery of foggy whiteness that surrounded us.

As we trolled closer to our GPS coordinate, my fishing partner exclaimed “Hey look…

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Trophy Musky Time

The October full moon has come and gone but don’t think for a minute though that your opportunity for a giant is over. Late fall is an interesting time to be a musky angler. The muskies are more active than ever; it’s trophy musky time!

However, the water temperatures have fallen and the musky’s metabolism has also diminished, causing…

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Learning New Water for Musky Success

One of the most difficult decisions in the game of musky fishing is, as a good fishing buddy describes it: “leaving fish to find fish”. You have all probably heard that saying and have maybe even experienced the agony of your decision.

Let me tell you where I stand on the matter. As a musky fisherman, I’ve caught my share of big fish with my personal bests…

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