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Magnificent Seven Musky Lures

If you add these seven types of musky lures to your tackle box, you can reduce your time on the water and make less than the proverbial 10,000 casts to hook a big one!

Learning New Water for Musky Success

One of the most difficult decisions in the game of musky fishing is, as a good fishing buddy describes it: “leaving fish to find fish”. You have all probably heard that saying and have maybe even experienced the agony of your decision.

Let me tell you where I stand on the matter. As a musky fisherman, I’ve caught my share of big fish with my personal bests…

The Challenge of Musky Fishing

One September, I embarked on a 6-day guiding run with three separate sets of clients. We trolled 18% of the time and casted 82% of the time. In those six days, we boated 5 muskies and raised (saw) maybe 8 or 9 more…

The "MuskyMarket"

The MuskyMarket features musky related products from baits to books and everything in-between.

We work with vendors from the smallest back-yard boutiques to the biggest brands. Our mission is to bring you the best musky gear under one roof.

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