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2020 Nestor Falls Musky Cup Results

Ask anyone: 2020 has been anything but normal. When things start to go sideways – as they have been for months on end now – it's a nice break to participate in something as ‘far removed from it all' as one can get. Enter the 2020 Nestor Falls Musky Cup!

If you're not familiar with the NFMC…

Hot Water Musky Fishing – The Trials and Tribulations

In some Ontario waters, early season muskies are a frustration to be dealt with. Are they hiding? Inactive? Are they feeding? Suspended? It’s difficult to put a pattern together when there’s very little feedback on the water.

I’ve been tangling with this problem for years and I’m happy to tell you that, as of the last three years or so, I think I’ve keyed in on an interesting dynamic between musky behaviour and warm water…

Trolling for Musky; Seeing and Reacting to Fish on the Sonar

In the realm of musky fishing, there is a longstanding and ongoing debate on the effectiveness of casting versus trolling. Both presentations have their merits, and both are widely considered essential to an effective plan for finding and catching musky.

One argument that routinely comes up when supporting the case for…

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The MuskyMarket features musky related products from baits to books and everything in-between.

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